The quality of our ingredients is where taste begins

The taste of our food starts with the taste and quality of our ingredients. While we always look to Australia first, we are always looking for the best, where ever that comes from.

To make our bread as authentic as possible we looked long and hard for an Australian flour that mimicked the qualities of French flour and found this in an area of South Australia where it is stone ground for us in a specialty mill.

On the same principle, we use olives from Peru because their unique plumpness means their flavour bleeds best into our olive bread. Our butter, from Normandy, has unique flavour and colour from the wild vegetation that the cows graze on by the side of the waterways, so is impossible to imitate anywhere else.

Our bread contains four simple ingredients – flour, water, sourdough starter which contains natural yeasts and salt. No preservatives or additives are used, and no fat or sugar is added.

The last and most important ingredient in the bread-making process is time. Like the French village baker, we honour tradition. The process is never hurried, so that the full flavour, texture and aroma of the loaf is allowed to develop.



We love to cater for special occasions, so that you can share the joy of French baking with larger gatherings. Choose from luscious savoury morsels, the freshest sandwiches, or sweet French fancies with exquisite detailing. Transport your guests to a chic Parisian boulevard, or a sun-drenched corner in Provence, perfumed with the scent of orange trees. Order your provisions by phone, our online enquiry form or at any Laurent store.

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