A chocolate flourless base with layers of dark chocolate mousse, milk chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse sprayed with dark chocolate and topped with white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate flowers.

and the taste?
If one type of chocolate is good, then three must be better, right? You know it’s true but something in you holds back from admitting it. When you do, the combination of dark, milk and white chocolate milk mousse makes you know why you hesitated. Because, the truth is, this is so good it’s dangerous. This is the sort of temptation that throws all restraint and morality on its head and leaves you to wallow happy and sated in other worldly pleasure. Toujours de l’audace!


  • Individual serves 1
  • 18cm serves approx. 5–7 people
  • 22cm serves approx. 9–12 people
  • Half slab 40cm x 30cm = serves 25–35 people
  • Full slab 60cm x 40cm = serves 50–70 people

To place a cake order with Laurent, please allow a three-day turnaround for slabs. For all other cake sizes (individual-22cm) please place your order before 3pm and your cake(s) will be ready the following day for collection.