Tarte Pecan

A honey butter sauce filled shortcrust tart filled with pecans and macadamia.

and the taste?
While the richness of a pecan might normally have you reaching a gin and tonic as the sun’s rays soften towards the horizon, however in our tarte pecan this lives in another quite different incarnation. Honey and butter give the pecans unique flavour a context of softness and indulgence while the perfect depth of short crust pastry balances and encases this power in a balanced whole.


  • Individual serves 1
  • 18cm serves approx. 5–7 people
  • 22cm serves approx. 9–12 people

To place a cake order with Laurent, please allow a three-day turnaround for slabs. For all other cake sizes (individual-22cm) please place your order before 3pm and your cake(s) will be ready the following day for collection.

All products may contain nuts or gluten, or if you require vegetarian options. Please ask our friendly staff!