Selection of Pastries

and the taste?
If ever there was a romance that seems meant to be, it’s the magic partnership of pastry and fruit, in all its many guises. That said, not all pastries are equally good. Ours are constantly defined by the quality of our ingredients, the balance of flavours and the passion and craft that goes into their baking. You’ll experience this every time you bite into a deep pool of apricot amidst the clean Normandy butter pastry of our Apricot Danish or temporarily lose touch with reality, in the fluffy softness and rich strawberry jam of one of our donuts.

Puff Pear
Escargot and mini Escargot
Raspberry Frangipane Tarte
Apple Galette
Berry Danish – Temporarily Unavailable
Tropezienne Brioche (Saturday and Sunday)

Please ask our friendly staff next time you visit.