Selection of packaged goods

and the taste?
If you like to bake, you’ll already know what makes a really great cake. At Laurent we bring all those things together, but on an obsessive scale. For a start that means that every part of that cake or nougat, or whatever is made by us and that there is no weak link in the quality of the ingredients. The rest of the taste you will experience is all down to all the little things. The balance of carrot in the carrot cake, the moisture in the banana cake and the distribution of the cranberries in a nougat cranberry.

Banana tea cake
Carrot tea cake
Chocolate flourless cake
Orange tea cake
Lemon tea cake
Mixed biscuits
Delice Aux Amandes
Nougat bar plain
Nougat cranberry
Nougat bar chocolate

All products may contain nuts or gluten, or if you require vegetarian options. Please ask our friendly staff!