Raspberry Cheesecake

A deliciously light and creamy baked cottage cheesecake with a biscuit base, raspberry jam inserts, topped with ganache montee (whipped cream infused with vanilla and white chocolate), dark chocolate, gold leaf and raspberries lightly dusted with snow sugar.

and the taste?
First conceived for athletes as a top up at the first Olympics in 776 BC cheese cake first became truly sublime in its modern mixture of creaminess and sweetness. The raspberry jam introduces just the right note of piquancy and subtle acid to make the cottage cheese seem even cleaner and richer. With the whipped cream and vanilla singing its siren song of indulgence you will be lost never to return, but then again who wants to?


  • Individual serves 1
  • 18cm serves approx. 5–7 people
  • 22cm serves approx. 9–12 people

To place a cake order with Laurent, please allow a three-day turnaround for slabs. For all other cake sizes (individual-22cm) please place your order before 3pm and your cake(s) will be ready the following day for collection.

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