Meringue based macaron shells with a a selection of different fillings.

and the taste?
Almost too pretty to merely eat, the macaron is an almond meringue shell where the filling does all the serious talking. For all that, a great one is still down to the quality of all its parts and every part of ours are made in the same factory. That means the best grade of almond flour, free range eggs, American pistachios and real vanilla carved out pod by pod so we are confident you can see where we are going with this.

Salted caramel
Hazelnut butter cream
Raspberry butter cream and raspberry jam
Mango passionfruit butter cream
Strawberry butter cream
Lemon butter cream
Vanilla ganache
Pistachio butter cream
Coffee butter cream
Chocolate ganache

Product contains egg, dairy, cereal gluten, sulphites and tree nuts. Made in a facility that also processes products containing soy, fish and sesame seeds.