Layers of hazelnut meringue filled with hazelnut butter cream, finished off with a chocolate spray and topped with dark chocolate decorations.

and the taste?
Even in a bag of mixed nuts, the clean nutty flavour of a hazelnut is always a stand out and inevitably disappears long before the proletarian peanuts. Now, take that nutty flavour, suspend it in fairy light mousse then invite the perfect contrast with a rich dark chocolate casing and the result is so much more than the sum of its parts.


  • Individual serves 1
  • 18cm serves approx. 5–7 people
  • 22cm serves approx. 9–12 people
  • Half slab 40cm x 30cm = serves 25-35 people
  • Full slab 60cm x 40cm = serves 50-70 people

To place a cake order with Laurent, please allow a three-day turnaround for slabs. For all other cake sizes (individual-22cm) please place your order before 3pm and your cake(s) will be ready the following day for collection.

All products may contain nuts or gluten, or if you require vegetarian options. Please ask our friendly staff!