New Store Opening & Renovations

We are always striving to provide quality experiences across all our stores and products. We are excited to announce the following new store and renovations.

New Store
We are opening up a new store in late April, located at 251, High St Kew. Attached to the Trinity Church, a new modern-yet-classic space is an incredibly clever alignment of history and luxury. It takes the best values of the original Trinity Church and adds a little bite of France for a burst of conviviality and chicness.

Brighton Renovation
Closing on Sunday 31st March at 5pm and reopening late May. We can’t wait to show you our fresh new look.

Doncaster Renovation
We are commencing renovations from April 15th to late May. In the meantime you can visit us at our pop up store 20m away opposite Mecca Cosmetics.