Curious about anything relating to Laurent? Here’s where we share our knowledge of our products, the quality, variety, provenance and quality of our ingredients and offerings to suit dietary requirements. We also answer questions about our ethos, workplace values and the journey that led us to where we are today. You’ll also find important practical information, such as delivery options, how to see product samples, and how you can choose a delectable gift voucher for someone special.

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Are Laurent breads baked fresh each day?

At Laurent we pride ourselves on our wide range of products, from freshly baked breads, baguettes, croissants, sandwiches and sourdough to speciality cakes. Our bakers work through the night to ensure our customers have freshly baked bread available each morning.

Where do I find ingredients and nutrition information for Laurent products?

Please ask our staff at your local bakery. 
Alternatively, contact us directly by submitting an online enquiry.

Do you operate in an allergen free facility?

We bake the old fashioned way with extensive use of nuts, flour (gluten) and dairy. We are very careful in our production process to avoid crossover of raw materials. However, none of our products can be guaranteed as allergen-free.

Do Laurent take bookings?

Laurent do not take bookings but we are always happy to welcome you during our opening hours. For general functions and event enquires you can give us a call at 1300 650 151 or fill out an enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you offer Laurent Store Gift Vouchers?

We certainly do. Laurent Gift Vouchers can be purchased and redeemed in-store.

How do I place a custom cake order?

Custom orders can be placed in your local Laurent. It’s important to capture the specific details involved in a custom cake design, where our friendly staff can talk you through the process.

How much notice do I need to give to have a custom order placed?

For customer orders, please place cake orders at least three days in advance, pastry orders at least two days in advance.

There is a lead time for customers orders because we bake from scratch and quality takes time. Our cakes and baked goods require time for planning, baking and decorating. We endeavour to always get our product to you as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.

Are Laurent Wholesale breads freshly baked for our customers?

We have both a fresh daily wholesale bakery, where product is handcrafted by our expert artisan bakers every day of the year, as well as our commercial factories, where our products are prepared to traditional recipes and methods, and then blast frozen shortly after baking.

This allows us to deliver our breads in a frozen state across Australia and Asia, and then baked fresh by the end users.

I’m interested in what Laurent's wholesale has to offer but I need to see product samples first. How do I make this happen?

Simply contact us and we’ll deliver you a selection of samples as soon as possible.

Here are the best ways to get in touch:

Fill out our Wholesale enquiry form here

Give us a call at 1300 650 151

We will answer your questions and arrange for someone to send out samples and provide our full product catalogue and pricing list.

Can Laurent wholesale really maintain consistency and quality standards whilst offering such a vast product range?

Absolutely, reputation for quality is everything for us. Not only do we cherish this, but we make sure it lives everyday in the taste, freshness, consistency and visual delight of our product.

We understand that the specialty breads produced require many hours to achieve their full flavour. At Laurent there are no shortcuts and no compromises.

Our state of the art facilities allow us to product the highest quality authentic breads to arrive for you freshly baked every morning. Our strong management team, experienced staff and unique production processes ensure quality and consistency across every product we create. This process allows us to meet deadlines while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Can I prolong the freshness of Laurent breads?

Our breads are baked fresh daily and the shelf life largely depends on the specific product. You’re best advised to keep breads in a bread bin, at room temperature to retain the freshness of the product for a longer period.