It started like many things do…with a dream.

Melbourne, Australia 1993. A big, bright, clean, vibrant and open city. There was a sense that people were beginning to want more from their food, and is where Laurent’s dream of bringing French artisan baking to Australia began.

A lot has changed since that year, but one thing always stays the same – our dedication to quality and taste. October 26, 2018 is the day we celebrate all things we’re proud of as Laurent. We honour our people, our food and say thank you to the people that make it all possible, our customers.

Here’s to the next 25 years…

Celebrating 25 Years

Enjoy it while it lasts. To celebrate 25 years we’ve introduced a limited edition birthday cake, Le Jardin d’été.

and the taste?
The sweetness and subtle acidity of raspberries, the unique zest of Japanese Sudachi and the gentle neutrality of basil evoke a summer fruit garden, when the cool of night brings its fragrances alive.

Available in sizes: Individual (serves 1), 18cm serves approx. 5–7 people, 22cm serves approx. 9–12 people

Ask our staff next time you visit. We look forward to celebrating with you.