Laurent Boillon, the owner of Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie, was born in 1964, in the south of France, in Aix-en-Provence. Prior to coming to Australia, Laurent trained at one of the most prestigious houses in France, Lenotre in Paris. Lenotre, a family company, started with a single store in 1957 in Paris, and has grown a world-renowned business that includes catering, pastry stores, restaurants, and training at all levels.


Laurent has run his enterprise since 1993 with the same high-spirited energy and dedication to quality that is his hallmark.


From there he went to work as a patissier at Le Pré Catelan, a luxurious restaurant on the outskirts of Paris, run by Le Notre. It was an excellent introduction to the world of restaurants, and it gave him the knowledge to move on, furthering his experience.


Then he worked for few months in the kitchens of a highly regarded restaurant in Switzerland. After the chill of Switzerland, he went to the warmth of the French Caribbean and spent some years working on the island of St Martin before returning to France, where he went back to his teenage dream. He learnt how to be a baker.


At every place, he learnt something important, skills and values that would inform his own life and business in Australia.



In 1991, Laurent received an offer from the Radisson group to work at Cairns, in northern Queensland, to be the hotel’s pastry chef, heading up a French team. Two years later he moved to Melbourne. He worked in number of bakeries, but his dream was to open his own store.


Laurent opened his first bakery in 1993, at the Como centre. The store was the culmination of everything he had done to that point. The retail space was small, but it put together the lessons from the shop at the Radisson in Cairns, good breadbaking, the processes and drive for quality of Le Notre, the presentation skills of restaurants, and the French idea that cakes were precious.


It was so popular that it was clear it had to grow – and there the organisational skills learnt at Lenotre were a useful start to what he was proposing in Melbourne. There are now fifteen stores in Melbourne. The bakery's strength lies in Laurent Boillon's origins and respect for French bread. He has run his enterprise since 1993 with the same high-spirited energy and dedication to quality that is his hallmark.


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